The Jackson Laboratory

Who Should Attend

Healthcare executives from the insurance, hospital, provider and pharma sectors

The Forum brings together thought leaders from these various sectors, all of whom are essential to healthcare innovation yet often isolated from one another. It’s a venue where healthcare executives can break out of their respective “silos” to exchange ideas and exchange market intelligence with payers, providers, innovators and investors.

Scientists and technology innovators

Start-ups, technology innovators, and entrepreneurs play a critical role in transforming America’s health care system. However, the old adage of “if you build it, they will come” does not work, particularly in the healthcare industry.  The Forum seeks to shift this paradigm to “understand what’s needed and build it.”  Scientists and technology innovators will hear firsthand the kinds of innovations needed to overcome some of the most intractable problems in healthcare today.  This is an opportunity for you to apply technology to a different set of problems than you are likely accustomed to thinking about.

Investors in the healthcare and biomedical sectors

The Forum is designed to connect investors with leaders in the health care industry. It will feature presentations from some of the most disruptive companies on the healthcare scene today. You will hear about trends in health care investing and new health care solutions to meet identified but unmet needs.

Policy Specialists

Learn about the innovations that will change the medical world in the next decade.  Be informed about the thinking of top decision makers from the payer and provider communities.  Connect with decision makers from across the country and around the world.