The Jackson Laboratory

About the Forum

The Forum is a gathering of 200 decision makers from across the healthcare industry – innovators, payers, providers, scientists and investors.  It is the centerpiece of The Jackson Laboratory’s efforts to create a new paradigm for biomedical innovation.  In today’s model, innovators originate ideas, investors capitalize them, and the healthcare system tests them – all before payers become involved.  However, the judgments of payers and providers often determine which innovations will survive in the healthcare marketplace, and the failure rate for new approaches is high.

The Forum is an innovation exchange and a first step toward a new and more effective approach that involves all the parties to healthcare innovation in an iterative process. We believe that the public would be best served if payers, scientists and investors could work together more closely and earlier to bring helpful products to the market.   (Moving Toward a New Paradigm)

The goals of the 2018 Forum are:

  • To showcase innovations that will change the future of medicine.  Forum attendees will get an exciting glimpse of the possibilities presented by emerging science and technology. They will learn about the next generation of innovations – what’s nearly possible.
  • To connect decision makers from across the health care industry and promote dialogue among innovators, entrepreneurs, insurers, providers, investors and policy makers.


Healthcare Innovation Forum Interviews: Jean-François Beaulé | Executive Vice President, United Health Group from The Jackson Laboratory on Vimeo.